Want to have a party at Axelrad and just need a table or two? Just show up a little early and grab some tables. Seriously, unless its the busy hours Friday-Sunday, just show up a little early and you should be able to get a table.

Before reaching out to us, please READ OUR FAQ (click here) which includes pricing and other information regarding reservations, large scale events, and non profit events, etc. to see if your question is answered.

If you would like to make a formal reservation for an organization, or if your party is over 40 people, please shoot us an email to drink@axelradbeergarden.com. Table reservation costs - $25 per table Monday-Thursday and $75 per table Friday-Sunday

Quick FAQ-
You can bring outside food and decorations (but no confetti). 

We allow under 21 until 9pm Sunday-Thursday and until 8pm on Friday and Saturday. 

We are dog friendly :)